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Industrial Parameters of Water

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Get tested the Industrial

Parameters of Water which

includes Chloride, Fluoride, Sulphate, Nitrate.

*Service available in Jhansi

Region by Government  Registered Lab.

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    Chloride-Chloride occurs naturally in groundwater, streams, and lakes, but the presence of relatively high chloride concentration in freshwater (about 250 mg/L or more) may indicate wastewater pollution.
    Fluoride-A moderate amount of fluoride ions (F‚ąí) in drinking water contributes to good dental health¬†About 1.0 mg/L is effective in preventing tooth decay, particularly in children.
    Sulphate-Sulfate ions (SO42‚ąí) occur in natural water and in wastewater. The high concentration of sulfate in natural water is usually caused by leaching of natural deposits of sodium sulfate (Glauber‚Äôs salt) or magnesium sulfate (Epson salt).
    Nitrate-Drinking water with concentrations of nitrate (measured as nitrate-nitrogen) below 10 milligrams of nitrate per liter of water (mg/l) is considered safe for everyone in your family.
    *Service available in Jhansi Region by Government  Registered Lab.


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