Question: How to upload Study Material on

Answer: Steps to upload your study material.

  1. Register on website.
  2. Login using your ID & Password.
  3. Go to Dashboard and Become a Vendor.
  4. Subscribe our Tohra bazar Basic plan (Free).
  5. Your online Store will be created, Add all your details and then Submit it For Review.
  6. If all your details are correct, your account will be approved.
  7. Now you are ready to upload your own study notes, tutorials, sample papers, thesis etc and can earn. money through this online platform by selling your study materials to needy users.

Question : What are the detailed steps to upload Study Material/Notes on ?

Answer : The detailed steps to upload Study Material/Notes on are as follows:

-Register yourself on our website

– Then login using your ID and Password

– Your Dashboard will open

– Click on ‚ÄúProduct‚ÄĚ button and then click on ‚ÄúAdd New‚ÄĚ button

– Select the product ‚ÄúDownloadable‚ÄĚ   Product

– Write the product title

– Enter price and Sale price

– Insert image (cover image of your study note)

– Write short description and long description about your study note/material

– Select category [Notes & Study material]

– Now click on ‚ÄúInventory tag”

– Enter SKU (Stock Keeping Unit): The unique code of your product

– Click on ‚ÄúDownloadable Tag”

– Enter name of file

– Upload your file/document

– Enter download limit: Generally 1

– Save it as draft and check it

– Then submit for Review

– If all your details are correct, your product will be approved

– Now, it will be visible on website, which can be purchased by students