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5 Ecommerce tech trends everyone in the industry should know about
Reinvention of communities to sell their products
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The COVID 19 pandemic was a challenge for families living in the San Pablo de Ushpayacu Community, which is thirty minutes from the city of Tena. They get their livelihood from the sale of food. Faced with the crisis, unable to go out and sell their products to the market and receive bad payments from

7 Ways Crm improves your client experience and increases profit
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7 Ways Crm improves your client experience and increases profit In line with moment’s changing technology, guests have come more dominant and interact with businesses else than they used to in the history. They’re socially engaged and more informed, which represents a challenge for several companies. thus, considering the adding competition and global invention, serving

8 characteristics of e commerce that you should know
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Knowing and learning the characteristics of e commerce will help you successfully take over in the digital world. Because it’s not just about posting your products on social media and hoping people buy from you. You must have the necessary tools and knowledge to produce a brand that transmits confidence to people. E commerce, online

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10 benefits of ecommerce still, then we give you 10 reasons why you should have an ecommerce online store, If you still have dubieties about how you can profit and what are the advantages of having an ecommerce. 1- You reduce your costs To have an online store it isn’t necessary to have all your


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